"Woodland of Wonder: The Invaders" tickets are now available online or at the farm.  Reserve your spot early!

"This outdoor immersive theater experience takes audiences on a walking adventure through the mysterious “Woodland of Wonder.” A rustle in the bushes… a figure in your peripheral… something unearthly is there!"

Call 413-596-4370, or see the Facebook event page for more information.

Credits Cards & Debit Cards Accepted

Our favorite Fall Festivities have arrived! Grab a cone from the ice cream window, pick a pumpkin from the patch,  visit the animal area and feed the goats, and enjoy baked goods and treats from our new kitchen.

We'll be offering more options for private events and field trips at our farm this year. For more information, send an e-mail to events@silverbellfarm.com.

We're already looking forward to next Christmas Season! We'll be adding some personalized events with Santa this year.

Private Events & Field Trips

Fall Festivities 2017

Christmas Season 2017

Come begin your holiday traditions with us 

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