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Hours of Operation

2018 SUMMER Season

General hours:

Monday                  Closed
Tuesday                  Closed
Wednesday            Closed
Thursday                Closed
Friday                     Closed

Saturday                Closed

Sunday                   Closed

Please check Facebook for updates or call 413-596-4370 for more information.

Silver Bell Farm is thrilled to announce that we will now be open during the summer months cream!🍨 

Our family *loves* ice cream, so we were determined to find the perfect product to bring to our Silver Bell Farm family.  Many taste tests later, we realized that there were just too many great local ice cream venues choose from!  Keeping with our mission to highlight local farms and businesses, we decided to bring the best of Western Massachusetts to you.   Our ice cream window offers a variety of hand-scooped hard ice cream flavors from:

  • Alvin Rondeau's Dairy Bar- Operating for more than 75 years, Rondeau's is one of the oldest family-run ice cream shops in Western Massachusetts.
  • McCray's Farm -  Donald McCray (from Monson!) purchased the farm in 1955 and the family started making and selling their homemade ice cream in 1985.
  •  "Flayvors" of Cook Farm - A fourth-generation dairy farm, Cook's uses their own milk for the ice cream base, making it truly fresh, local and homemade!  

In addition to the staple flavors that we've chosen to serve from these local farms, we also plan to offer a few unique, small-batch flavors made by hand at Silver Bell Farm.  Have a favorite flavor that you'd like to see at the farm?  Just let us know!

Come start your ice cream traditions with us...





Orange Pineapple

Cookie Dough

Fudge Ripple

Mocha Moo

Mint Chocolate Chip

Maple Cream

FRESH, Homemade ice cream from local farms!